The ISEC 2019 conference offers several publication opportunities. Submitters are kindly requested to read carefully the publication policy outlined below.

Step 1

Short Abstract Submission

Opening January 4, 2019
Deadline March 18, 2019 April 8, 2019 
Notification of Acceptance May 1, 2019

Short abstracts can be submitted through EDAS


Step 2

Extended Abstract Submission and IEEE Xplore Proceedings Submission

Extended Abstract Opening June 8, 2019
Extended Abstract Deadline May 24, 2019 
Extended Abstract Notification  June 7, 2019

Following short abstract acceptance, authors are requested to submit an extended abstract. The extended abstracts are uncopyrighted articles available for ISEC attendees only via downloading from the ISEC website (after July 28, 2019).

Please, prepare your abstract using this template and submit it using the abstract submission service.

The same extended abstract can be also submitted for publication in the IEEE Xplore proceedings. All attendees are encouraged to do it. If this option is selected, the manuscript will be automatically processed by IEEE Xplore. It will require a copyright transfer and a review process.

Final Manuscript Deadline & Copyright Transfer to IEEE August 1, 2019
August 16, 2019
Notification of Acceptance to Authors August 28, 2019
Online Publication Indicatively  November 22, 2019



Generate an IEEE Xplore compatible manuscript using PDF Xpress

All final manuscripts must be generated using the PDF Xpress tool.

To generate the IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file of your paper, follow these steps:

  1. Create your IEEE PDF eXpress account:
  2. Conference ID: 46533X
  3. The first time you access the system, please follow the link to new user. Please note that in order to access the service, you need to allow the use of cookies from the PDF eXpress web site. Once you have registered as a new user:
    1. Upload the source file (containing your paper) for conversion.
    2. Receive by e-mail the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF of your paper.

Upload your Xplore compatible PDF manuscript to EDAS

  1. Log in at
  2. Select the “My Papers” tab
  3. Select the paper title you wish to upload the manuscript for to be directed to the paper record
  4. Specify the presenter and complete the presenter's biography form

1. Complete the electronic copyright form via EDAS

IEEE is enforcing strict copyright rules. For your convenience, the copyright form is made available electronically through EDAS. To access the copyright form, select the icon in the copyright column within your paper record. 


2. Upload your paper

Upload your paper directly to “Final Manuscript” by selecting the upload icon. Submissions are due by August 16, 2019.


If authors wish to post their papers electronically on any web site, any ftp site, or any other electronic dissemination technique, they must include the IEEE Copyright notice on the initial screen displaying the IEEE-copyrighted material.


Step 3

IEEE-TAS, special issue

Deadline: Dec. 30, 2019

Thank you for your participation in the International Superconductive Electronics Conference (ISEC 2019) that was held in Riverside, CA from July 28 – August 1, 2019. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (TAS) is planning a Special Issue containing papers based on work presented at ISEC 2019, for publication in 2020. We invite you to contribute a manuscript expanding on the material you presented at ISEC 2019, as an original manuscript for this Special Issue.

Please respond to this invitation regarding your intention to participate by October 18, 2019. Send your response to Michael Hamilton ([email protected]). We will then provide further instructions.

The article submission deadline is set for December 30, 2019, after which all aspects of the publication process, including peer review, will be handled by the journal.